[Tips] Just Lift the NFC Tag to Turn the Living Room into A Movie Theater

When was the last time you went to the cinema?

Because of the impact of the Covid 19, let us confine ourselves at home.

To solve the boredom, let us turn the living room into a movie theater and change our taste!

Today, we will show you how to use SwitchBot and NFC tags to turn your living room into a movie theater instantly! Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie!

The first step in creating a home theater is to create a dark environment.

Stand up from the sofa, turn off the lights, and close the curtains. While sitting on the sofa, SwitchBot instantly dims the room to drive the projector.

Let's set up a "movie time" scene.

You need a projector, a SwitchBot Hub Mini and a SwitchBot Curtain, It only takes about a minute for the beginner to set up easily. For more information, please refer to the attached quick start guide or the following FAQ link.

After setting the SwitchBot series, you can start to set your "movie time" scene in the APP.

Click "Scene" at the bottom of the SwitchBot application to enter the list of scenarios.

Click "Create Scene" to enter the scene-setting.

NFC function

Set the scene name to "Movie Time".

NFC function

In the "addition condition", there are manual execution, planning, and

Thermos hygrometer. Here we choose to execute manually.

NFC function

After deciding the conditions, add these three home theater actions in the "action execution" column: "close all curtains", "turn off the lights, and "drive and open the projector".

NFC function

And don't forget to test it after adding it!

NFC function

Mini SwitchBot Hub settings


Swichbot Curtain Setting


If your projector or lamp is a non-infrared device, you don’t need SwitchBot HubMini to enjoy SwitchBot The fun to solve.

Siri shortcuts are important for using NFC tags. You must set up a Siri shortcut to perform certain operations by lifting the NFC tag on the iPhone.

To do this, in the "Movie Time" scene-setting, click on "Cloud Service", find "Siri Shortcut", and click on.

NFC function

Since the scene is set to enjoy a movie, we named it "Movie Time". Just click "Add to Siri"!

NFC function

The last step is to set up the NFC tag. Find Automation in the Siri shortcuts and select Create Personal Automation. In the "New Automation" list, swipe down from the top to find "NFC" and tap it.

NFC function

Click "Scan" to display a page showing that you are ready to scan.

NFC function

Follow the instructions to place the iPhone on the NFC tag, and then proceed to the next step. Name the label "Movie Time", just like you name the "Movie Time" shortcut.

NFC function

Click "Next" in the upper right corner and select the shortcut key "Run Movie Time" to operate. You are only one step away from completing the setup.

NFC function

In "New Automation", please check the execution conditions and actions again. Uncheck "Ask before execution" and click "Finish" to complete the NFC tag set!

NFC function

These steps may seem long, but it only takes about two minutes to complete the setup.

Now, as long as you lift the NFC tag on your iPhone while lying on the sofa, the room will be darkened in just one second, and the projector will automatically turn on, completing the convenient creation of your home theater!

Except for the NFC tag, As long as you speak to it, you can easily turn the living room into a movie theater.

Here is a video published by one of our users in Japan, which introduces how to use NFC in detail.