[App Update] Introducing the Latest UI Version of SwitchBot App

The SwitchBot Hub Mini is useful, but we often hear from people in various places, both in support emails and on Facebook, that they can't get used to the remote control screen.

Because of your feedback that we've come up with a new UI that makes remote control operation even more comfortable!

Transform your remote control screen

Based on the customer's use case, you're more likely to use your smart speaker to voice control than using an app to control the remote. That's why we want to improve our app's UI.

To make it more comfortable to use, our development team has been thinking about improving the UI and the number of buttons on the remote control screen.

We will be working on improving the buttons with a new design based on the remote controls you use most often. Using a TV remote control as an example, we have added buttons such as "dial", "input switching" and "data". In addition to adding more buttons, we have also improved the UI of the buttons to make them easier to read.

And since this year we have increased the number of models of infrared devices we can support. If you had trouble adding your home remote control in the past, you can try again and see if it works. We will do our best to support more infrared devices in the future and to make the app easier to use.


Make the addition of a remote control more successful

We have added a note in the "How to add a remote control" section when registering a remote control, based on a question that often comes up in our support responses.

For example, in our support correspondence, there are several questions relating to remote control buttons added in "Other". To make the process smoother, we've added a note that if you add a button in "Other", you can't control it directly in Alexa or Google Home, you have to use "Scenes".


Home management is easy to understand

There are quite a few users who have several SwitchBot series. The combination of different devices allows you to enjoy the comforts of a smart home, but how you manage them can be a problem that interferes with your comfort.

With this update, we've introduced a new Home feature that solves the device management problem. You can categories your devices according to your home, your workplace, and even categories your devices according to your room in each home - bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.

In addition to classifying by location, you can also classify by how often you use the device. For example, if you want to put a SwitchBot bot on your computer, you can create a new room and classify it in that room.


There is still room for improvement.

So, what's your favorite update this time around? "I'd like to have this feature", or "I'd love to have this IoT device". We'd love to hear your feedback on the SwitchBot app, so let us know what you think.

We look forward to continuing to work with SwitchBot which can make switching to a smart home easier.