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Andrea Venditti
Works well

As per title it works as intended. It's very nice that you can calibrate it and set the desired distance

Glyn Brooks
Another Awesome Device From Switchbot

Just like the last item I purchased, the Motion Sensor has a really expensive, high quality feel about it. It works really well and was very easy to install. The infrastructure of the software means the sensor can easily activate other Switchbot items if certain conditions are met. For example if no one is in the room after midnight start the robot vacuum cleaner. If only Switchbot sold a nice big Alarm siren to work with the sensor.

Margarethe Breitfuss
Excellent smart home device

Awesome motion sensor device, easy to set up, works great in my smart home world with Google Home and Alexa :-)

Suzanne Hemsley

Got 3 motion sensors - mostly switching lights on. One greets people with good morning etc when they enter the back door and switches the light on. Used with Alexa they can do all sorts.

Bernhard Conrad
Excellent product

easy to configure and install, performs as expected, have now installed them all over in the house

Alexei V Ivanov
Solid, reliable performance with minimal power consumption.

This sensor is accurate in motion detection. It relays the events to a remote phone app via the hub.

The ways to improve:

1. Please make the reporting time and time zone selection to be adjustable. Currently the reported detection time is in the current timezone of the phone tracking app, rather than local to the house. (It has lead to some weirdness in my use case.)

2. Please add around the programming API for the event handling. Ideally, I'd like to steer the external devices (e.g. switching the light "on" at the entrance). In that specific example a simple Bluetooth-programmable power relay (not a smart plug but a relay, that I can connect sequentially into the existing circuit behind the drywall) would do.

John Windebank
Very useful for movement and brightness

This is a clever little device that will work for movement and also light levels. Shame its not a bit easier to configure brightness level but its good for what it does

Good Alternative

Good alternative to replacing light switches if you don’t have neutral wires. IR sensors and transmitter in the hub is a nice bonus.

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