Make it simple.

Make life easier with smart assistants

  • "Alexa, open the curtains."
  • "Siri, turn off the TV."
  • "Google, turn off my bedroom lights."

Control anytime, anywhere

  • Schedule your coffee machine.
  • Turn on your home appliances.
  • Monitor your pets remotely.

Automate movement

  • Check indoor temperature and humidity.
  • Turn lights off automatically.
  • Have your Air Conditioner automatically turn on.

With SwitchBot, the magic happens from the moment you wake up.

7:30 AM

Wake up naturally with SwitchBot Curtain.

Want to wake up naturally without an alarm clock? Schedule a set time every morning, and your curtains can automatically open when using SwitchBot Curtain to help you wake up to morning light in a more natural way. Then, connect SwitchBot Curtain to your SwitchBot Hub Mini and you'll even be able to automate your curtains via smart assistants such as Alexa. Simply say, "Alexa, open my curtains." It's that easy.

8:00 AM

Every successful day starts with a cup of coffee.

Just stick SwitchBot Bot on your coffee machine button and you'll be able to schedule Bot to start your coffee machine before you've even got out of bed. Paired with Hub Mini, you can control it remotely or even by voice.

8:30 AM

Alexa tells the temperature today.

Meter and Meter Plus both help monitor temperature and humidity in real-time, and when paired with SwitchBot Hub Mini you'll be able to use Alexa to see what room temperature is like hat the temperature today, helps you to judge the indoor environment.

9:00 AM

Automatically turn off appliances when you leave home.

Control home appliances with SwitchBot Plug Mini, which can allow you to time when devices are turned on or off, or even power off multiple devices at once using SwitchBot Remote. Simply stick a remote by the entrance to your home and you'll be able to turn off all your appliances with just one tap before you leave home.

11:30 AM

See what your pets are doing at home even when you're outside.

Simply stick a SwitchBot Tag on your desktop, and just tap using your smartphone to see what's happening at home when using SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam. You'll now be able to have more peace of mind when away from home, and also be able to capture cute moments because well... we love cute.

6:00 PM

On the way home? Turn on your AC and humidifier in advance.

SwitchBot Hub Mini can help you remotely control your Air Con and SwitchBot Humidifier ahead of time, which means your living environment will be set up and ready before you're home without wasting energy. 

6:30 PM

Just got home? Have lights automatically when you step through the door.

Place Switchbot Contact Sensor on your front door, and it will respond immediately as you walk in and turn on SwitchBot Color Bulb automatically. You can also group multiple bulbs together to have whole rooms light up in an instant.

9:00 PM

It's game time.

Place SwitchBot Motion Sensor in your game room and it'll be able to sense when you walk in, you can then set up LED Strip Light to turn on automatically, creating an atmosphere fit for any gaming champion.

11:00 PM

Say "Good night!" to Alexa and automatically turn off the lights and close curtains in an instant.

Say goodnight to Alexa, Siri, or Google Home and you'll be able to take advantage of scenarios set via our app and have SwitchBot Bot help turn off the lights, close your curtains automatically using SwitchBot Curtain, and be safe and sound in bed without having to lift a finger.