How does Switchbot office smart lock system solve access control for companies?

Amber Chen  |  May 08, 2024
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An office smart lock system lets employees and guests securely lock and unlock the door with short-term passcodes, biometrics, and remote access. This doesn’t only make access more convenient, but it also enhances security.

Out of all the smart locks out there, the SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System stands out. In this article, you’ll get to know the key features and benefits of the SwitchBot smart lock for office.


1. Exploring the Importance of Smart Locks in Office

2. Introducing the SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System

3. SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System: Key Features and Benefits

4. Takeaways

Exploring the Importance of Smart Locks in Office

The lack of good security measures can expose office tenants to break-ins, employee injuries, theft, and vandalism. This forces office tenants to make an important decision: should they exchange a traditional lock-and-key system for an office smart lock system?

With smart lock design and technology constantly evolving, it’s a good time to consider installing smart locks in your office space. Here are a few reasons why having traditional office doors (with lock and key) might not be a good idea anymore:

  • Easy duplication: It’s difficult to monitor exactly how many people have unauthorized duplicates of the office keys or who currently has them in their possession.
  • Losing keys: To avoid compromising security for an intruder, you might have to change all the locks in your office. This isn’t only a hassle for everyone, but it’s also costly. You could just imagine the cost if someone at your workplace lost an entire ring of keys.
  • Control and personalization: With physical locks and keys, you have severely limited options when it comes to who can go inside the office (building or room). Most smart locks use passcodes, fingerprints, keypads, and wireless technologies to grant temporary or permanent access to employees and guests.

A good office smart lock system offers a solution to the most common issues faced by traditional door locks. That means there’s no more worrying about changing locks when an employee misplaces their key.

And with the constant security threats, the demand for high-quality smart door locks for offices will continue to grow in the coming years. In fact, according to a report by the SkyQuest Technology Group, the smart door lock market is set to grow to $7.45 billion by 2030.

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Introducing the SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System

The SwitchBot smart lock for company automates existing doors of office buildings or rooms without requiring any modifications. This enables you and other authorized personnel responsible for the office door locks to easily connect them to your smartphones and smart devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. As a result, you can enjoy greater convenience and control over access to your work premises.

Smart locks from SwitchBot are available in bundles or as standalone units. These locks offer advanced and practical features, such as keyless entry, remote access management, and compatibility with a wide range of smart assistants and devices.

By incorporating the SwitchBot smart lock into their office smart lock systems, businesses can further improve their security measures and adjust to the evolving needs of the modern workplace.

Unlike most smart door locks, the SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System doesn’t replace the original lock. Instead, it easily fits over existing deadbolts, European locks, Jimmy-proof locks, and mortise locks.

It’s also discreetly positioned on the interior side of the door. As a result, it doesn’t change its exterior appearance. This is an ideal set up for office building tenants who aren’t allowed to make any drastic modifications to doors.

So, what makes the SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System better than other office smart lock system brands in its category? Let’s find out its main features and benefits in the next section of this article.

SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System: Key Features and Benefits

If you want to dip your toes into smart door security locks without breaking the bank, the SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System is a good starting point for you. Here are some crucial reasons why it’s worth considering:

Enhanced Security and Transparency

Our smart lock for office uses several security measures to help guard your workplace. It detects your office door status and automatically locks it whenever necessary. And when you pair it with the SwitchBot Hub, it sends notifications in real time to your phone.

The Lock Pro has AES-128 encryption. This high level of protection is known for its effectiveness in securing communication channels and protecting sensitive data. That’s why banks and government agencies often use it to make it extremely difficult for hackers to access sensitive information.

To maintain transparency, the Lock Pro saves up to 30,000 logs history. You can access it by checking the operation log of the SwitchBot smart lock for office. But please be aware that you can’t export the operation log at the moment.

Centralized Control and Monitoring

The Lock Pro uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to connect to wireless devices, such as smartphones. You or other authorized individuals can control the lock within a range of 120 meters—which is around the length of a football stadium—using its app when the door is closed.

But when paired with the SwitchBot Keypad Touch, you can take advantage of 15 other unlocking methods. These include one-time passcodes, remote unlocking, timed passcodes, voice commands, and more.

The administrators (also called the owners) can grant or revoke access to employees any time. They can also do the following:

  • Invite new individuals to join or remove existing shared members.
  • Modify the settings of the devices and scenes (predefined actions or settings).
  • Remove or add devices and scenes.

Cost-Effective and Scalable Security

The SwitchBot Lock Pro is scalable because it can easily adapt to the ever-changing security needs of businesses. Its ability to scale up can be seen through several aspects, including:

  • Provides flexibility: It can accommodate a large number of users and access points, making it a suitable option for offices of different sizes. This could range from small startups to large businesses.
  • Seamless integration: This smart lock easily integrates with existing security systems. You can buy additional SwitchBot smart lock bundles or accessories to ensure the SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System can keep up with your office’s new security requirements.
  • Compatibility: This smart lock for offices works with a wide range of smart devices and platforms. This expands the functionality of the lock and other smart devices. For example, it allows offices to implement advanced security measures, such as real-time alerts and activity logs for transparency.
  • Personalization: It gives individuals responsible for office security the flexibility to personalize configurations, settings, and access permissions. In that way, only authorized employees and guests can access designated premises.

These are just a few of our customers’ experiences and feedback with our smart lock with Apple HomeKit compatibility. We highly encourage you to do your own research to ensure you get the right product for your specific requirements.


The SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System offers a comprehensive and seamless solution to keep office premises safe at all times for employees and guests. Its ability to scale up, integrate, and centralize control and monitoring makes it a convenient choice for enhancing overall security in office environments.

Are you looking to step up your office security by investing in a high-quality and efficient smart lock for company? Explore the SwitchBot Office Smart Lock System today.

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