SwitchBot-aurinkopaneeli Curtain 2:lleSwitchBot-aurinkopaneeli Curtain 2:lle

SwitchBot-aurinkopaneeli Curtain 2:lle

Charger for SwitchBot Curtain - Once plugged in the SwitchBot Curtain, you will never have to recharge again. Works with U/Rod/I SwitchBot Curtain models. Stick on Your Curtain - If...
SwitchBot-aurinkopaneeli ulkovalokameraanSwitchBot-aurinkopaneeli ulkovalokameraan

SwitchBot-aurinkopaneeli ulkovalokameraan

Designed for SwitchBot Outdoor Cam: Use solar energy to charge your outdoor battery cam and you'll be able to stay charged for even longer to help reduce down time. Non-stop...