SwitchBot Curtain

SwitchBot's handy Curtain Smart Electric Motor scoots your existing curtains along their rod without any screwing or drilling required. 


That's the sort of smart home magic that excites me, and it's simply not been possible before.


My experience with the new and improved SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 has been far better than my time with the original


A novelty that has its uses if it works well for your curtains


For those looking for way to automate their existing curtains, the SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 is a great upgrade to practically any curtain pole. 

Trusted Review

What it's got a really lovely smooth motion!

The Gadget Show

Retro-fitting modern technology to a home is rarely easy but SwitchBot has made it straightforward with the Curtain Rod 2.


I found myself getting a little too used to a luxury that may sound difficult to justify. The SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 smart curtain opener is a surprisingly effective device that serves as a gateway into home automation. 

Review Geek

Now there’s an even better way to automate your window curtains.


SwitchBot Lock

if you don’t want to change your existing lock and want to retain the use of your existing key, it’s a great option.


It is not an elegant solution, but it works, and it’s the easiest smart lock I’ve installed, taking under five minutes to get set up.

The Verge

As long as you don’t mind the bulky design on the back of your door, it is an effective way to bring some smarts to an older lock that you can’t replace

Tom's Guide

Tired of missing out on the smart home of your dream because you rent? SwitchBot has the answer, with their new retrofit smart door lock 


That makes it particularly useful for rental properties, which might have strict rules about such changes.

PC Mag

The SwitchBot Lock succeeds in its promise of being a smart, simple, keyless door lock.

How to geek

The SwitchBot Lock is a simple approach to upgrading your existing door locks

Android Central

I like the engineering. The company clearly thought out how to retrofit existing doors.


We’ve dealt with all kinds of smart WiFi Door Locks here, but among the ones that I’ve tested, something is pleasing about the SwitchBot Wifi Smart Lock. It’s fairly simple in design and takes nearly no time to install. 


SwitchBot Bot

This little box will push all the buttons and switches you have around the home, making them smart in an instant. 


Undoubtedly SwitchBot smart home products are simple to fit, connect and use. 


When it’s a literal button pusher like the SwitchBot Bot, it can be a real convenience. 

How to geek

You can push buttons with this all day long — as long as they are either rocker switches or push buttons


The SwitchBot requires minimal fussing and no knowledge of electrical work.

Popular Mechanics

If you have an older device that you want to automate, this is a great tool.

Trusted Review

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