SwitchBot NFC-kortti (3 kpl)SwitchBot NFC-kortti (3 kpl)

SwitchBot NFC-kortti (3 kpl)

Unlock using up to 100 different cards - You can also set cards to be timed, and use them with SwitchBot Keypad and SwitchBot Keypad Touch. Just swipe, open, and...
SwitchBot-näppäimistö / kosketusnäppäimistöSwitchBot-näppäimistö / kosketusnäppäimistö

SwitchBot-näppäimistö / kosketusnäppäimistö

Pair with SwitchBot Lock & Just Touch to Open - Keypad Touch is equipped with a Swedish bank biometric fingerprint ID algorithm and can help store fingerprints of the whole...
SwitchBot-aurinkopaneeli ulkovalokameraanSwitchBot-aurinkopaneeli ulkovalokameraan

SwitchBot-aurinkopaneeli ulkovalokameraan

Designed for SwitchBot Outdoor Cam: Use solar energy to charge your outdoor battery cam and you'll be able to stay charged for even longer to help reduce down time. Non-stop...