Privacy policy

Last updated on January 19th, 2024 (and our affiliates, hereinafter referred to as "we" or "us") respect and protect the personal information of all users. We will collect and use the information generated during your use of our products or services (including smart home products, accessories, computer applications, App, toolkits, websites, information storage platforms and related services) or provided by you on your own initiative in a lawful, proper and necessary way.
Please take a moment to read this Privacy Policy carefully before using our products or services, so that you can fully understand how we will collect, use, save, share and transfer your personal information, as well as the ways we provide you to access, update, delete and protect this information, and fully understand and agree to the content herein. You have the right to refuse this Policy, but if you do so, we will not be able to provide you with our products and/or services. When you choose to (re)use our products and/or services, you will be deemed to have accepted and acknowledged this Policy as it is an essential prerequisite for the rendering of our products and/or services.
Your agreement to the Policy indicates that you understand that we will collect certain personal information from you in specific service scenarios, but it does not mean that we will collect and process all of the personal information covered herein once you agree to this Policy and use our products and/or services. When it comes to additional business functions that require the processing of your non-essential personal information, we will ask for your consent separately.