SwitchBot Lock Pro

SwitchBot Lock Pro

A more pro kind of retrofit smart lock.

Now more compatible, even more convenient, and stops worries when it comes to battery power. SwitchBot Lock Pro now features more comprehensive security measures than ever before, and with test after test is now the strongest rear-mounted smart lock you'll find on the market.

It's time to get Pro.

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Made to match.

SwitchBot Lock Pro is a perfect fit for European homes. Setup takes just minutes, and allows you to keep your original door lock too!

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Install in minutes.

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Supports physical keys.

Dedicated design
for EU door locks.

Supports most locks found in homes across Europe.

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¹Additional accessories required. Please contact SwitchBot customer service before purchasing.
²Auto-Lock function is not compatible for Multipoint Locks.
³If you feel like none of the above locks are compatible, please contact our customer support team at support@switch-bot.com to confirm.

Please ensure that your cylinder is equipped with an emergency function. A locking cylinder equipped with this feature enables it to be unlocked from the outside using a key, even if another key is inserted on the intside.

Check Compatibility

Unlocking, the Pro way.

There's now a whopping 15 different ways you can use your lock.

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1. Remote unlocking, voice commands, and Widget unlocking require SwitchBot Hub to use.
2. NFC Tag unlocking options require either SwitchBot Tag or a compatible NFC Tag, sold separately.
3. Fingerprint unlocking, passcode unlocking, and NFC Tag unlocking all require Keypad Touch to use.
4. You will need a Remote Button (sold separately) to use Remote Button unlocking.

Keys? Who needs 'em!

That's right! When SwitchBot Lock Pro is paired with SwitchBot Keypad Touch you can use your fingerprint to unlock your door. Store up to 100 fingerprint records and open quickly thanks to quick and precise recognition time.

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Use 4 different types of passcodes
for different situations.

Use 4 different types of passcodes for different situations.

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2-Step Verification Auto-Unlock

Unlock your door when close to home.

Need to get inside but hands busy doing something else?
Just use automatic unlocking.

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*Auto-Unlock will be available August 2024 via app updates.
*When using Auto-Unlock you need to enable Bluetooth and Location permissions in our app.

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Unlock your door remotely, or use your smart watch for quick and easy unlocking.

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Now with even
better battery life.

SwitchBot Lock Pro uses 4 x AA batteries that enable you to get up to 9 months' worth of power when using.* What's more, when your device battery is below 20%, you'll get reminders via our app or email to let you know it's time to change them.

容器 713.jpg__PID:9a02a5c5-354c-4fea-813f-d6b8e616c21d

Long Lasting Battery

Enjoy up to 270 days on one charge.

More Accessible

Batteries are now easier to replace.

Cost Effective

Just 1/3ʳᵈ of the cost when compared to CR123A batteries.

*SwitchBot Lock Pro includes 4 x AA batteries as standard, giving a maximum battery life of 9 months. Battery life may vary depending on use. In low-temperature environments, battery performance may decrease.

Battery Comparison

6 (1).png__PID:9a6a0d2a-a5cc-4c37-9af7-f001361bcadf
6 (3).png__PID:d5f34357-22f2-446a-bf8b-5980205d8f0e

Power that really
packs a punch.

With our Dual Power Pack1 you can also increase device battery life to 365 days2, with relay charging for uninterrupted power when using.

容器 713 (1).jpg__PID:69cfabe7-fc70-44a4-b996-c12d29ad8b36

1. Sold separately.
2. SwitchBot Dual Power Pack is also available which helps give a maximum battery life of 12 months. Battery life may vary depending on actual use. In low-temperature environments, battery performance may decrease.

Our all-new Relay Power Supply Design.

With A/B relay charging when one battery runs out of power you can instantly switch to the next. Enabling you to enjoy never-ending power.

Lock Pro battery just run out?
We've got passive power supply.

Lock Pro battery just run out? We've got passive power supply.

Even if your device battery is low and Lock Pro cannot support unlocking you can use its passive power supply to unlock your door and save the day.

容器 1038.jpg__PID:fc7044a4-7996-412d-a9ad-8b36cbb810ae

*This is a last resort when the battery runs out without replacing it.
Please replace the battery as soon as possible after receiving a low-power notification.

Pro features, Pro design.

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One press is all it takes.

Our newest smart lock now features Quick Key, allowing you to open your door in a more quick and intuitive way. What's more, it can also enable you to free up to 7,300 door knob turns per year.*

1 (6).jpg__PID:64689361-2eaa-4747-810d-bf5264bd142801 2 (1).png__PID:861d2ff0-483f-4c16-97c7-f3234a93dc8a

*Calculated using an average use of 10 unlock and 10 lock actions per day.

Complete Matter support for added flexibility.

Hub Mini Matter Enabled with SwitchBot Lock Pro. A smarter kind of home security.

Find Out More1 (1).jpg__PID:54eee15e-0571-4a03-9c36-e58ebbd35f4e01 2.webp__PID:379af7f0-0136-4bca-9f64-41472edc856b

Use SwitchBot Lock Pro in Apple Home, all thanks to Matter.

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Security to the MAX.

Automatically lock according to door status, for greater peace of mind.

Auto-Lock enables you to worry less about making sure your door is locked when coming home, and can send alerts to remind you to close your door to make sure your home is kept secure.

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We've included ten security measures to help you guard your home.

Lock Pro supports door lock status detection and door status detection too! And includes a host of different alarms and notifications.

Detects door lock/door status

3 (1).jpg__PID:5d8f0e1b-ab76-41ad-9ad8-b246e11ef3b1

More security with Keypad Touch.


Battery reminders.

3.3 (1).jpg__PID:ecf7b61d-8754-4ee1-9e05-71ba03dc36e5

Protects data.

4.4 (1).jpg__PID:90ecf7b6-1d87-44ee-a15e-0571ba03dc36
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容器 1342.png__PID:408a74be-2787-4d64-90cd-4428b2c97bb1

Choose a solution that suits you.

1 (4).png__PID:5fb24540-5993-49d7-ac53-4e5a606dbed8

Lock Pro

2 (2).png__PID:2555235f-b245-4059-9309-d76c534e5a60

Lock Pro with Hub Mini Matter Enabled Combo

3 (2).png__PID:b2255523-5fb2-4540-9993-09d76c534e5a

Lock Pro with Hub Mini Matter Enabled & Keypad Touch Combo

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